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Force Fasteners is an innovative construction fastening supplier, servicing all of

Western Australia.


Our mission is to make available to our customers, the most cost-effective and well supported fastening solutions from all over the world. We refuse to support any product or brand other than what we know is of the absolute highest quality. We know this is something that can be delivered on by way of the relationships we have with our core supply partners, who are all industry leaders in their own right, ICCONS, Hobson Engineering, Klingspor, Bordo, Paslode and Bostik to name a few!


Harnessing trade and industry experience, Force Fasteners brings more to our clients than “just another bolt company”. Our ability to help reliably specify product for problem applications and suggest solutions to costly time-draining problems is just one point of difference our competition cannot offer.


A great network of relationships in the building trades, gives us the opportunity to trial new products and suppliers to make sure there is never any compromise on the quality of solutions we offer to our customers.


We are confident we do things faster, more cost effectively and more accurately with better quality products than any other player in our market.


Force Fasteners, the future of fastening.

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