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ATIS is an Australian owned and operated company that supplies a wide range of Thermal & Acoustic Insulation products for use in Commercial and Residential applications.

Some of the products we supply are sarking & wall wraps, foil foam insulation, glass wool & polyester batts, loaded vinyl, ceiling baffles, pipe insulation and rigid panel covering a wide range of applications such as soffit, ceilings & walls, partitions, brick cavity, sheds and roofs.


ATIS can help with technical advice on insulation applications for both thermal & acoustic requirements and offer technical system solutions and warranty’s with the backing of some of the largest Australian manufacturers such as CSR Bradford, Ametalin, PIRMAX, Thermotec, Fletchers, Foilboard.


ATIS supplies quality Australian products wherever possible and we are a distributor in WA for PIRMAX rigid panel insulation which is made in Melbourne and used all over Australia in many high level commercial projects, PIRMAX panel is a modified PIR (Polyisocyanurate) rigid thermal panel, a very high thermal performing insulation designed to achieve high R values at a minimal thickness and has some of the best thermal values in a rigid panel on the market.


PIRMAX panel contains zero ODP & VOC’s. Some of the benefits are:



PIRMAX panel is also available with a plasterboard or fibre cement product laminated to it for use as a finished wall offering a high R value in order to achieve BCA requirements.

Australian made, owned & tested

Extremely high thermal values

Available in custom sizes and colours

Very price competitive

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Our Suppliers

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